How To Become The Best (Student) Version Of Yourself

BY  Louis M. Morgner
October 10, 2021

When I think back to the time when I started out at University, I vividly remember all the emotions, impressions and questions I had. Starting at University is something special. It's a place directed to change your live. It's where knowledge is created, consumed and challenged. And that's what you need to succeed in our world today: Knowledge.

When I started at University, I had many questions, fears and ideas of what it meant to be a decent student and fulfilling my duties. Over the years, I've learned that University can be the single greatest transformative period in your life, but only if you do it right. This article is a collection of habits, principles and tactics I learned the hard way during my undergraduate years at University. Those are lessons I wish I knew when I started out. That's what I want to share with you, so you can become the best (student) version of yourself. Faster than I did.

Everything I learned falls in one of two categories:

1) Mindset: Important Self-realisations to seize the moments

2) Tactics: Practical tricks to be more effective

Where the mindset-oriented lessons are more concerned with the philosophical side of University and seeing the bigger picture, the tactics are highly practical and allow you to adopt habits that help you succeed as a student.

If you're just in here for a quick tip here and there, the tactics will be most valuable to you. However, if you dare to go deeper and explore new paradigms that can lead to quantum change in your life, having a look into the mindset aspects will guide your journey neatly.


  • It's supposed to be hard
  • Staying sane when everyone is stressing
  • Imposter Syndrom
  • Confidence & speaking up
  • Accountability: It's on you
  • Intent
  • The bigger picture: The time of opportunity
  • E = I x T
  • The hidden power of sleep
  • People want to work with people they like


  • Time management
  • Staying organized
  • Software tools
  • Weekly review
  • Note taking
  • Learning how to read
  • Documenting learning
  • Deep study

This collection is ever-evolving

This is not a written textbook that cannot be changed. Rather, this online collection of articles are an ever-evolving source of knowledge that improve over time based on new insights and talks with successful students. Hence, use this as your point of reference as I'm adding more pieces to the list that help you go above and beyond.

• • •

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