Chase idiosyncrasy

BY  Louis M. Morgner
September 12, 2021
In a world that domesticates us to be ordinary, idiosyncrasy is the solitary path to remarkable results.

When we grow up, we get taught about the world around us by our parents. The information we get conveyed gets stored in the form of agreements we make with the world around us. We agree that the sky is blue. We agree that we treat other people with respect. We agree that drinking water is healthy. This process is called domestication and is essentially the way we all grow up. When we are little, we have no intention of challenging or questioning the agreements our parents teach us. If dad says so, we better believe it to be true. Although this is very helpful and natural, we inevitably end up being some sort of copy of our parents. Their belief system gets passed down to us. Of course, there are conflicts and things we view differently, yet ultimately we view it through the lens of the belief system that has been taught to us by our parents.

This domestication is nothing bad by itself. Without it, the world would end in chaos. We need agreements in our society to ensure that the system “works”. Yet, the problem is that oftentimes the agreements we get taught by our parents are deeply rooted in fear. The fear of not being accepted by other people. The fear of being rejected. That inherent fear then becomes the driving force for the actions we take every day. This manifestation of our belief system leads to all of us wanting to be accepted by other people. The constant fear of being rejected by someone the way we truly are is ever-present, even if you don’t notice it consciously. The consequence of this is that we all aim to “fit in”. Don’t stand out. Take the safe path. Don’t attempt something big because you could fail. That’s what we get taught from the very first breath we take. We are afraid to show the world our true selves and instead aim to become perfect to the standard of our belief systems, which are in turn deeply imprinted by the world around us. All this, just because we are afraid that the world might reject us if we were to show our true selves.

Luckily life doesn’t need to be that way. We can choose to make the agreement with ourselves to be ourselves. We can choose to find the courage to break our fear-based agreements with the world and reclaim our personal power. That’s the only path to a joyful and fulfilled life. Chase idiosyncrasy. Be different. Be bold. Be yourself. That’s the only path to remarkable results. In a world where everyone acts as a copy of society’s belief system to be accepted, you can choose to act as your true self and be remarkable. Give up the need to be liked by everybody. Reclaim your power and be the way you want to be. That’s the only way to extraordinary results. Be that young kid again, exploring the world around you without worrying about the past or future. Just be present and be yourself. We can use our imagination to shape our perception of the world around us. The only question is: Do you have the courage to be yourself?

Happiness is a choice, and so is suffering.

• • •

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