A reflection on drastic life choices, courage, fear and our globalised world

BY  Louis M. Morgner
September 18, 2021

I recently came to an important realization in my life. We live in a day and age, where limits only exist in our minds. Nowadays, the internet is widely adopted in the western world and its consequences enable new ways of living. You can stay connected with friends & family through (video) calls. Further, you can do work and collaborate from anywhere in the world with anyone while also having access to seemingly endless knowledge with the click of a button (well, maybe two). As the traditional model of living life has been constrained by location-dependent work and social contacts, this day and age fundamentally change that. The assertions about what was possible once no longer hold up, and especially younger people are starting to realize that.

If you're stuck in your life, your environment doesn't feel right, and you just want to make a drastic change, you can. All barriers are merely existent in your mind. You can wake up one day somewhere in Europe, book a flight for less than 500€ to New York City the next day. Once you arrived, you use Google Maps to find your way from the airport while looking on Facebook for college students who are looking for roommates. The next day, you stroll through Central Park while jotting down thoughts on new, exciting business endeavors while you bump into someone working at a Startup. The next thing you know is you started a job in sales, marketing, or product (depending on your skills). If you don't have any skills, learn them for free on the internet. Seriously. There are no excuses. This could lead to you launching a side-project next to your main job while reaching out to business angels for funding. Eventually, you find that one CEO that is looking for some passion projects like yours, he invests and you pursue your project full time. Maybe you fail within the first 6 months, maybe you don't. In either way, you go something more valuable than money: experience while pursuing something you're passionate about. This is just one way things can go down for pretty much anyone if you believe in yourself, and, more importantly, dare to make drastic changes. Our world is filled with opportunities and ways for us to pursue what we truly want, but only the courageous humans will be able to go down that path.

But what if something goes wrong?

I hear you, this is fear talking to you. Whenever you make bold moves in your life, fear comes creeping up around the corner convincing you of a thousand reasons not to do something. Fuck fear. Just do it. Think about what could really go wrong. More often than not, the worst case isn't that bad after all. The biggest threat to us tackling our big dreams is getting too comfortable. We are humans, we like comfort. Why waste energy on something if we're just alright the way things are currently? That's a serious threat to your life my friend, if you get too comfortable you will lose the courage that is required to chase exciting, new changes in your life which will pay off in the long run. Aren't you here to live your best life after all? Damn right you are. So act on it. Try new things. You can (almost) always go back to how things have been. If you've been great at your past job, they will happily hire you again. If you've had great relationships with your friends, they will stay connected no matter what and will always be there for you. Remember, changes are not permanent, you can (almost) always go back. So fear is a poor excuse for not trying things and going out in the world.

Wait, but what if I don't have money to pursue my dreams?

That's okay. Start by writing down what bold change you want to make. Where you want to move. What you want to be doing. Then attach a price tag to it. Usually, you can get to the most exciting places for less than 700€, stay somewhere for a month for less than 1000€ and pay for food for less than 300€ which means all you need to save up to give this bold move a shot is 2000€. After the first month, you should be able to get a first job somewhere if you try hard enough.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" - Plato

If you're really struggling, you will find ways because you are much more determined in your search. That's just a fact. But this of course only happens if you put yourself in these situations. Seek discomfort. You cannot imagine what paths might open up.

What are you telling me that? That's all just motivation blah

Hell yeah, it is. Talking is easy, doing is hard. And it's easy to philosophize about the what-ifs of our life. So yes, you are right. This is just another piece of writing that is doing what its purpose set out to do: Convey an idea. The intention however is to spark an idea in yourself. To inspire you and speak to an inner truth that you know is within you. Dreaming is not a bad thing. After all, don't all big moves in our life start off with dreams buried deep inside us? Listen to yourself. Take the time to hear. You'll be amazed to see what is inside you. And maybe this article sparks something within you. Ideas grow out of other ideas. And maybe this is the message you needed to hear. Maybe it's not. Either way, it's fine. It's all you, and only you. And that's what will never change.

• • •

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